Organic Warming Massage Oil - Mayernik Kitchen

Organic Warming Massage Oil - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon
Posted in MK Product on February 05, 2016

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Another awesome inclusion in February’s Out of the Woods Apothecary Box is our Organic Warming Massage Oil.  Yes, it sounds sensual, and it sure can be, but it’s so much more.  When the weather has us feeling run down, and our muscles are super tight and sore – either from too much shoveling or just the cold, stiff weather – a little warming oil can be just the trick to help you feel better.  Not only can the combination of oils used soothe your body and soul in different ways, the scents of many of these oils are amazing tools for aromatherapy uses. 

Our main ingredient in our warming massage oil is jojoba oil.  Jojoba oil is one of nature’s best multi-tasking elements.  It is one of the best natural moisturizers out there and is also amazing for removing make-up, deep conditioning your hair, cleansing your skin, and so much more.  In addition to the jojoba carrier oil, we infused a variety of other elements in our massage oil.  Elements like cardamom, clove, ginger, and marjoram assist in making this oil not only smell and feel fantastic, but they bring a wealth of health benefits to the table.  They can all help with circulation, digestion, and anxiety as well as acting as anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers.  These ingredients can offer anti-nausea benefits, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and improve your overall mental and physical health.


Organic Warming Massage Oil - Mayernik Kitchen


Most people probably understand the health benefits of consuming all natural herbs and spices, but there are few that recognize their power when applying to the skin.  Our oil is genuinely warming; though, don’t worry – it won’t burn you.  It’ll just heat up nicely where it’s applied for a seriously relaxing massage to fix your sore, overworked muscles, or just a relaxing intimate ritual for the quickly approaching Valentine’s Day

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