Organic Coconut Sugar Coffee Scrub - Mayernik Kitchen

Organic Coconut Sugar Coffee Scrub - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon
Posted in MK Product on February 05, 2016

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We are super excited to announce the inclusion of our coffee sugar scrub in February’s Out of the Woods Apothecary Box.  Though most people know coffee has the helpful little tool to wake them up in the morning, many are completely unaware of the benefits coffee can provide for your skin.  Coffee is one of nature’s best kept secrets when it comes to your skin and hair, so putting it into our Apothecary Box scrub simply just made sense.

Scrubs, in general, are great for your skin.  They exfoliate dead skin cells and promote the growth of new, healthy cells.  This will make your skin softer, smoother, and more hydrated – a great winter tool without ever having to go out of your way or change your routine.  Though you can use our scrubs all over while in the shower, you can also use them as an added bonus several times a day if you leave them by your sink to use while washing your hands.  The winter weather is definitely leaving us all a bit dry and cracked, and a body scrub works super well on our hands for some added hydration. 


Organic Coconut Sugar Coffee Scrub - Mayernik Kitchen


More specifically about this scrub, though, is what the inclusion of coffee can offer you.  If you have ever experienced a pressure headache (usually common with quick changes in weather patterns), you know that consuming caffeine can readily help.  The same goes for ailments on the skin.  By applying coffee to your skin, you can reduce puffy, red eyes, as well as exfoliate, brighten, and tighten your skin – you know, all of those magical things to help us look younger.  Coffee can also work wonders for our hair, as it enhances the color, adds some shine, and even stimulates additional growth.

In addition to including organic fair trade coffee in our scrub, we also mixed in some organic coconut oil and some organic coconut sugar.  It smells amazing and, more importantly, feels amazing on your skin. Give it a try, as it's only available in our February Apothecary Box


Organic Coconut Sugar Coffee Scrub - Mayernik Kitchen


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Alexander pope posted on: June 24, 2016

Amazing...COCONUT SUGAR is superb food.I have seen this site first time that coconut sugar scrub can be used with the mixture of coffee.You did a great job keep it up.

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