#mkeatlocal Salad Bowl - Mayernik Kitchen

#mkeatlocal Salad Bowl - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in Events

Matt and I were so excited to launch our new summer challenge: #MKEatLocal.  Through this, we challenged our friends, family, viewers and readers to add in one fresh, locally grown (or purchased) item each week to their diets.  So far, we have been loving the feedback, pictures, and recipes that everyone has shared.  To keep our motivation going, and to keep the challenge interesting, we decided to offer a new idea of our own: The #MKEatLocal Salad Bowl.

In order to grow your own deliciousness, you don’t need a ton of space.  You don’t even need an outdoor yard.  All you need is a bowl, a some patience, and a little bit of love sprinkled on top.  Start with a bowl of your choice – preferably plastic since ceramic and terracotta will dry out a bit faster.  Place some gardening top soil in the bowl, and then you’ll be ready to plant your seeds.  We would recommend using some mescaline mix, arugula mix, lettuce, or anything you enjoy.  Place in the sun, either in a bright window or outside on your deck or patio, and water every few days.  Within a few weeks (approximately 2-4), you’ll be able to start picking some fresh greens to enjoy.  Your #MKEatLocal challenge just became super easy, since food cannot possibly get any more local than right in your own home!

The best part is that with a few bowls, you can stagger your planting.  By doing this, you can have your pick of fresh ingredients and enjoy an awesome bowl full of delicious any time you want!  Don’t be alarmed if your sprouts begin to come up in spotty patches.  When you’re using seed mixes, you can always sprinkle some more seeds on.  Have some patience, keep watering as needed, and eventually your bowls will be full of healthy, fresh ingredients to enjoy all summer long.  Don’t forget to take pictures and share your progress!