Mayernik Kitchen Challenge - #MKEATLOCAL

Mayernik Kitchen Challenge - #MKEATLOCAL

By Shannon
Posted in Events on June 21, 2016

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One of the first steps Matt and I ever took before embarking on our new healthy eating, healthy lifestyle kick was to branch out from our local food stores.  Of course we recognize the convenience that mass supermarkets have to offer, but in order to reevaluate our diets, we needed to reevaluate what we were putting into our diets.  We challenged each other to be healthier, and it worked (so far, so good, anyhow!), and now we are going to challenge all of you to do the same.  We’d like to kick off our summer months with a new Mayernik Kitchen Challenge #MKEATLOCAL – Each week, try to consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible.  Simple, right?  Here’s the kicker: get as much of that produce as possible from sources other than major supermarkets. 

This can be local honey, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggs, or what our first local ingredient is, Strawberries.

I drove 44 miles on Saturday (we think local is up to 100 miles from your home) to Alstede's Farm in Chester, NJ and purchased 72 lbs of strawberries. YES, that is A LOT of strawberries but we love to freeze and enjoy them throughout the year. LOCAL, SEASONAL, can't go wrong. We will also be sharing on the blog and on Instagram how we are using our LOCAL Strawberries!


Mayernik Kitchen Challenge - #MKEATLOCAL


We are going to ask that you follow Mayernik Kitchen on Instagram to follow along with our challenge. Post images of what your buying locally and be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #MKEATLOCAL. We are going to be featuring your photos along with a GIVEAWAY at the end of the summer! Join the Fun! 

One of the easiest ways to start this endeavor is by making it a family-friendly outing.  Include your significant other, include your parents, include your kids…heck, include us if you’re feeling risky!  Most communities host a wealth of public farmers markets (both indoor and out) during the summer and early fall months, making this the best time of year to switch up not what you consume but also where it’s coming from.  Rather than thinking of it as a time-waster or an inconvenience, make it a fun day out.  Let the kids each pick out their favorite fruit.  Challenge your family to try something new each time you venture out.  Try hitting a different market each week.  Whatever your game-plan, make it fun in order to make it worth it.

Frequenting farmers markets rather than the bigger chains offers benefits going much farther than the basics of organic, clean eating.  In addition to healthier options, changing your shopping habits can change many aspects of your life.  You’ll be more conscious of your food choices, more diligent in your meal and snack planning, and best of all, you’ll be supporting your local economy.  Most of the families we’ve been in touch with have agreed that making more conscious shopping decisions has vastly impacted their overall diet and health, so go ahead – shop local, shop smart, and shop healthy!


Mayernik Kitchen Challenge - #MKEATLOCAL

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