Mayernik Garden Basil Infused Organic Olive Oil - Mayernik Kitchen

Mayernik Garden Basil Infused Organic Olive Oil - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product

Each year, one of our most successful planting stories comes in the form of an age-old favorite: basil.  Basil, like many other herbs, tends to take off in growth and can quickly take over an entire area of the garden.  We generally like to keep it potted in order to keep it under control, but the uses for basil are so immense that we don’t mind having some extra on hand.  Most people recognize basil as a super aromatic herb often used in cooking (mainly Mediterranean-type dishes).  Though this is true, basil has so much more to offer than a fragrant addition on your fresh caprese salad.

Basil prides itself on being one of the most prominent anti-bacterial ingredients on the market today.  Used in a spray, mist, or solution, adding even a small amount of basil to help wash your fresh produce will help rid your fruits and veggies of any unwarranted bacteria before consumption.  It also offers strong anti-inflammatory effects and can help with cardiovascular issues.  Though basil originated in the Indian region, it has become so widely used worldwide because of its fragrance, taste, and versatility.

Because it grows so easily, Matt and I tend to take our basil for granted.  Sure we make a variety of concoctions each year ranging from salads, to pestos, to spreads just to showcase this super yummy herb, but this year, we really decided to make it a main event in our kitchen.  We created an organic basil-infused olive oil, a yummy, versatile addition to our kitchen cabinets. We can use this to form a basis for our cooking, as a dip, as a key component in salad dressings – in just about anything. Simply opening the bottle sends out an delicious summertime scent, and we love trying out new ways to incorporate the infused oil into our daily recipes.  The oil is one of the inclusions in our July Apothecary Box, so we would love to hear some feedback on how you’ve used this in your homes as well.

Mayernik Garden Basil Infused Olive Oil - Mayernik Kitchen #mayernikkitchen