How can I learn how to identify plants?

How can I learn how to identify plants?

By Shannon, Posted in Wellness

Learning is a lifelong process and there is no end to it. The more you learn, the more you get to know about the world around you and its beauty. Plants are one of the finest beauties granted by nature to us. They come in all shapes and sizes and amaze us by sprouting even in the deserts.

With millions of plant species on earth, it takes more than just a leaf to identify the plants. However, with some time and repetition of the process, you can excel in identifying them.

If you find any plants on your property, we recommend you start your learning process with them. Turn your curious skin on and start searching about it. You will surely learn a great deal about the plant in your hand. Then continue each time you find a new plant. This way, you’ll be a stellar plant identifier and to make the process easier we have created quizzes that can help you learn how to identify plants.

Each quiz contains 10 questions, allowing you to get a good grasp of the knowledge of ten medicinal plants.

But don’t be sad as you can take the quiz again and again to learn a new set of plants in each quiz. Here is a sneak-peak inside the medicinal plant identification quiz to help you prep.

Can you identify these herbs?

Give your brain a treat by taking this quiz that not just help you learn the appearance of the plants and mushrooms, but also their common names. This fun quiz helps you test your knowledge regarding our ten dearest medicinal plants. The moment hit the ‘Start quiz’ button, an image of the plant pops up with 4 different options beneath it to choose from. It is a great treat for beginners and seasoned herbalists. Above all, you can take this quiz again and again to get more choices.

Can you identify the medicinal plants? Common Name vs. Latin Name

Want to be a big fish in town? Take this exciting quiz to get a good grip on the Latin names of medicinal plants. After starting the quiz, you’ll come across a common name of the plant written in bold and you’ll have to pick the correct option out of the four given below. To enhance your knowledge regarding Latin names, take this quiz again to learn a new batch of medicinal plants.

Do you know the Latin names?

Learning Latin names have always been a demanding option. But not anymore!

Take this fun quiz to learn the Latin names of medicinal plants in an interactive way. An image of the medicinal plant with four different options will appear as you begin your quiz. Choose the correct option and take the quiz once more to learn a new set of medicinal plants.

Can you identify the Latin Name vs. Common Name? Plant Images

To amp up your Latin name learning process, this quiz will surely take your knowledge to the next level. It is designed to provide you with a Latin name and four different pictorial options to choose the correct answer from. You can take the quiz again to learn another group of ten medicinal plants. This quiz is not only beneficial for beginners but also for the herbalists who want to brush up on their herbal knowledge.