Homemade Migraine Tincture - Mayernik Kitchen

Homemade Migraine Tincture - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon
Posted in MK Product on May 25, 2016

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Though I love this time of year for the beautiful weather, the blooming flowers, and the increased time outside, Mother Nature’s erratic weather patterns are one of the largest causes of some serious migraines.  If you are one of the lucky ones to experience these, then we have something super exciting for you.  May’s Out of the Woods Apothecary Box includes a homemade Migraine Tincture that – trust me – has proven to work some major migraine miracles.  A potent combination of lemon balm and feverfew soaked in some vodka for about six weeks have left me with my new go-to migraine fix. 

As a prominent member of the mint family, lemon balm has been used to fix a variety of maladies for centuries.  Whether for digestive issues, menstrual cramps, or colicky babies, lemon balm races to the rescue.  It has also been known to present with calming effects, pain relief, and aromatic qualities.  Though lemon balm can be used for teas, cooking, and creams, we combined it with some feverfew for our tincture.  Feverfew is another commonly used herb in the world of medicine, and often helps out with calming fevers, regulating menstrual periods, and even with assisting infertility in both men and women.  Though it can be beneficial to treat many common health issues like the common cold, allergies, some skin disorders, and even cancer, it is most commonly used in treating migraines.

The combination of these two helpful herbs has meshed to form an effective tincture to help you fight off your migraine headache.  If you take a half a dropper of our tincture at the onset of a migraine, and then continue every 20-30 minutes for the duration of your pain, you’ll find that the migraine will dissipate faster and more painlessly than before – all without the inclusion of any poisonous, dangerous chemicals.  Happy healing!


Homemade Migraine Tincture - Mayernik Kitchen

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