Homemade Lavender Green Tea Foot Bath - Mayernik Kitchen

Homemade Lavender Green Tea Foot Bath - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product

Long walks through the woods foraging, long day's at a photo shoot or long days in the kitchen cooking always leave my feet sooo tired. I try to be barefoot as much as often, as I like to be grounded but boy oh boy does it leave my feet sore and uncomfortable. A majority of my day's are spent at home working, so I am able to sit and get work done but when I am out of the house, I am non-stop. After many night's with sore feet (and a hubby is not too fond of giving foot massages) I knew we had to come up with something to sooth the pain. And what better way to introduce this new product than in the April Out of the Woods Apothecary Box

So Matt and I decided to experiment with a new footbath recipe, so that I could sit and relax with some good wine and a good book and sooth my little toes and feet.  That’s when we created our Lavender Green Tea Footbath.  This little slice of heaven offers all the benefits of both green tea and lavender without actually consuming either one (though, I’m not going to lie, I am not opposed to consuming them either!).

The green tea element in this bath is not only relaxing, but it helps eliminate foot odor (and body odor in general), aides in relieving pain in those achy feet, and even helps smooth out some of those cracked calluses your feet often suffer after a long day of work.  We also included some lavender picked right from our garden, some organic lavender essential oil, and epsom salt - all of which are known to soothe, relax and heal.  


Homemade Green Tea Lavender Foot Bath - Mayernik Kitchen


The calming, relaxing benefits of these ingredients had me not only forgetting my long days, but I was ready for a good night’s sleep in no time.  As the weather warms and we will all hopefully spend more time outdoors – working, walking, playing, anything! – I’d highly recommend this footbath to help soothe more than just your feet.  You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated from your feet on up.  Drop a few tablespoons into a tub of hot water, and relax the evening away.