Healing your Inner Chakras with Herbs

Healing your Inner Chakras with Herbs

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Chakra is a word of Sanskrit origin that refers to the wheel. The power of chakra has emerged rapidly with an increase in the growth of yoga geeks. Originally, it is a complex energy system that first sprang up in India. Chakras are energy points in the body, pictured as spinning disks, that must stay open and aligned for better functioning of major organs, nerves, and energetic centers for the well-being of our mental and emotional state.

There are 7 chief chakras in our body:

Chakra Meaning Color Location
Root Stability, identity, grounding Red Tailbone, the base of the spine
Sacral Pleasure, sexuality, creativity Orange Below the belly button and above the pubic bone
Solar plexus Confidence, self-esteem Yellow Stomach region
Heart Love, compassion Green Heart center
Throat Communication Blue Throat
Third eye Imagination, intuition Indigo On the forehead between the eyes
Crown Intelligence, awareness Violet or white Top of the head

The third eye chakra, solar plexus chakra, and crown chakra are a bit more intimately associated than any other chakra for emotional and mental well-being. Among all the herbal remedies that have emerged to this date, the flower essences have proven to be timeless and versatile, rendering zero side effects. 

Today, we are breaking down the three most esteemed chakras and the flower essences that correspond oh-so precisely with the irregularities involved when they happen to be a bit lopsided. 

The Third Eye Chakra

Hailed as the seat of intuition, the third eye chakra (also known as Ajna chakra in Sanskrit) is celebrated for imparting the oversight and wisdom required to acknowledge the existence beyond time and space. Its blockade can appear in the form of headache, dizziness, lack of concentration, impaired vision, and even seizures too. A weird state of paranoia seeps in, rendering issues in focus, memory, and anxiety.

To reawaken your third eye chakra, use our Clary Sage Flower Essence to tune the knobs of the pineal gland and help the brain in integrating the new information. It revives the functions of the first and third eyes chakra and assists those who feel uncomfortable regarding the fundamentals of sexual expression. 

Or you can also try our Marshmallow Flower Essence that’s notorious for balancing the crown chakra, 3rd eye chakra, and occipital chakra along with the cranial bones. Its multiplicity of action proves fruitful in attenuation of headache and dizziness, all the while treating the anger issues by initially reducing the tightness in jaws and shoulders.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra acts as the center of personal power. It rules personality, identity, ego, willpower, choice, and purpose. Its misalignment can result in poor digestion, low-self esteem, reduced will, and helpless feelings. 

To realign your solar plexus chakra and reach your wisdom, use Sage Flower Essence. Its pungent, vivifying aroma instills the feeling of embodiment along with spiritual perspective. It removes the inability of perceiving a higher purpose in life and replaces it with the wisdom of assessing and understanding life processes from a higher perspective.

Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is referred to as the most spiritual chakra among all the other members. In Sanskrit, the crown chakra is called the Sahasrara chakra, celebrated as the bridge to the cosmos. It is responsible for spiritual connection and transformation that inspires you to connect with God or any other divine angelic energy. Its under-activity is due to suppressed emotions, stress, prolonged illness, and conflicts that affect the overall well-being of the person.

Add some Lavender Flower Essence to your self-care arsenal and make use of its tremendous anti-stress benefits. Being a goddess of grace and peace, the lavender flower essence drives the long-forgotten awareness back into the realm of our bodies. It induces peace, particularly required during meditation and uninterrupted sleep, and soothes our frantic nerves. It expels the energetic blockages, reduces emotional tension, links us to the crown chakra and higher consciousness, helps us feel the love, and clarifies our mind while our vision seems cloudy.