Does Mayernik Kitchen Offer Private Events?

Does Mayernik Kitchen Offer Private Events?

By Shannon, Posted in Events

Here at Mayernik Kitchen, we aim to connect you to the herbs to begin the process of transformation and healing in a meaningful way. For us, you are meant to live a natural life, not because you have suffered enough or read your treasured novel on herbs many times, but because you are a product of nature and you deserve every bit of it.

We empower you to start experiencing the benefits of the natural world by offering herbal workshops and private events throughout the year. Here is a brief guide about the types of events we tend to offer. You can easily surf through their details and choose events according to your liking and get the best out of them.

Our workshops are aimed at prepping our community according to the season harvest. With a good haul of blessed herbs, we are here to help you learn the reward you can get out of them to sweeten your life.

We excel in teaching the community about fermenting the seasonal bounties for the matter of preservation, making herbal tonics, doctoring shrubs, and preparing homemade jams. Also, we educate the attendees regarding lifestyle and self-care by making use of herbal tinctures, teas, and even bath/foot soaks. Our most favorite event is the weed walk that we perform in the gardens of North Haledon, New Jersey. Here, we get to talk about the medicinal and culinary properties of the plants on our way. We prefer to wear walking shoes and recommend you to bring paper bags if you wish to collect the weeds.

Mayernik Kitchen private events are not just directed for the learning process, but they also provide you with the opportunity to take your doctored treats home. You will acquire some exciting knowledge and secret tips and tricks for preserving the food too. We recommend you bring your notebooks and pens if you wish to take notes.

If you are interested, you can also shop at the Mayernik Kitchen store and grab special discounts of the season too.

From weed walks to plant medicine making, there are many different opportunities for all age groups. These workshops are great for organizations such as; Girl Scouts, Library Groups, and Homeschool Groups. If you are interested in holding a private Mayernik Kitchen workshop, simply inquiry about a Mayernik Kitchen private event and we will organize a cheerful private workshop for you and your group where you learn with fun.