Coffee and Cinnamon - Narrative Food Photography

Coffee and Cinnamon - Narrative Food Photography

By Shannon, Posted in Food Photography

During the cold, dark month of February, I signed up for a Narrative Food Photography Online Course with Gina Weathersby. O-M-G what a fantastic course it was. It was a three week course that taught us how to tell a story through food. What an amazing topic seeing as Matt and I were about three weeks into the talk of Mayernik Kitchen. 

I knew this course was going to help me tremendously with food photography. I have ALWAYS loved food photography, but I wanted to take it a step further. We learned all about lighting, placement, props and set ups and how to really tell a story through the photos. My favorite lesson was on how to choose one ingredient in the shot, and make it "the hero". So for this, I kept it nice and easy with just a few of my favorite things. 


Coffee & Cinnamon


Coffee and Cinnamon - Mayernik Kitchen


I am a coffee drinker. I love a good pot of coffee. I do not like coffee from a Keurig machine. I like to grind my own beans and brew a pot of coffee! (clearly I take coffee pretty seriously! HAHA). I also add cinnamon to almost every cup of coffee I make. I love the nuttyness and earthyness it adds to my cup of joe.

Healthy Tip: Did you know cinnamon is a great way to stabilize your blood sugar?! It sure next time you have a cup of coffee, sprinkle a little goodness in your cup and ENJOY!

As you can see in the photos, I made the cinnamon "the hero" of the story. I focus on the cinnamon but you still get that warm, cozy feeling from the steaming cup of coffee right next to it. It was a perfect set up for those cold winter afternoons when all you wanted to do was grab a good book, a handmade crocheted blanket, and a cup of coffee. This was short narrative story, and I hope you will check back often to check out some new ones I've been working on. Thankfully it's getting warmer out so I can now go out and enjoy some sunshine while telling my story through photos! 


Coffee and Cinnamon - Mayernik Kitchen


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