Can a Salve Help as a Sleep Aid?

Can a Salve Help as a Sleep Aid?

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Salve may be a legendary moisturizer, but due to the amalgamation of different essential oils of choice - it is also a multi-tasking machine with evidently trending benefits.

Salves are composed of herbal infused olive oil and beeswax, appearing semi-solid and stay solidified unless there is a tiny hint of the tincture. The herbs used in the salve serve the purpose of treating the presenting ailments.

Today, we are about to disclose the myth- whether a salve can bring the long-forgotten sleep. Here at Mayernik Kitchen, we are stepping up the plate with an effective yet a gentle option- Sleepy Time Salve.

Sleepy Time Salve

We all know a good night’s sleep is extremely important to reduce stress and boost our energy level and overall health. A quality snooze not only relaxes and recharges your body but also boosts the blood flow to the skin, giving that gorgeous glow you have been yearning for.

But what makes our Sleepy Time Salve so scrumptiously beneficial in this regard?

Let’s dive a bit deeper and look into its major ingredients that are cited to clamp down the draconian laws, which hinder in catching a deep slumber.


Mugwort plugs all the gaps that restrict the onset of quality sleep and prove a viable option to normalize the disturbed sleep cycle. Being a sedative, it hushes the restlessness wreaking havoc in our minds and reduces anxiety.

Mugwort helps to recover the ability of an individual to sleep well and heals the ages-old chronic insomnia. It helps you unwind from the traumas of the past that keep haunting you and distort your sleep pattern.


Where ever there is lavender, there is hope!

Lavender is no more a powder room freshening weapon. It has managed to steal the spotlight due to its stellar medicinal benefits. This singular purple blossom increases the slow- and deep–wave sleep, relaxes the muscles, and slows the heartbeat.

Lavender promotes fights insomnia, reduces stress and anxiety, all the while helping you fall asleep. A lavender night is all you need to enjoy a quality Zzzz.

How to Use sleepy Time Salve?

Just rub some Sleepy Time Salve on your temples, neck, or hands, and sniff it in with a gush of a deep breath before bed for a good night’s sleep. 

You can also add it to the bottom of your feet (especially for younger kids). 

Mayernik Kitchen Sleepy Time Salve