5 Tinctures that can be used daily

5 Tinctures that can be used daily

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Tinctures are beginning to steal the show in various circles of the globe. For millennia, people are using it to reap the medicinal benefits of plants in the best possible way. To make herbal tinctures, different plant parts, including leaves, flowers, berries, barks, roots, are soaked in alcohol, or some cases apple cider vinegar and glycerin of vegetable origin.

Mayernik Kitchen is more than happy to make tinctures a prestigious part of its herbal gang. We bathe home-grown herbs in grain alcohol for a minimum of 6 weeks. The soaking time may extend to 2-3 months, as per the requirement of the formulation.

Right now we are about to shove the tinctures in the spotlight to award them with the clamorous standing ovation they deserve. Come along to read about the 5 tinctures that can be used daily.

Turmeric Tincture

With Curcuma in town, inflammation surely goes down!

The turmeric tincture is ready to sway you away from the realms of inflammation and especially helps with ulceration, arthritis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It modulates the working of immune the system, controls blood sugar levels, improves brain functioning, protects the heart, reduces depression, and alleviates congestion.

Holy Basil Tincture

We all are super busy with myriads of work taking a huge toll on us. Holy Basil Tincture can be used daily to respond to stress and reduce anxiety. It improves blood circulation, which in turn enhances memory and invigorates the weakened immune system to cater to seasonal flu and cough.

Lion's Mane Tincture

Lion’s mane tincture is a natural non-toxic, formulated by the fruiting body to reap its maximum health benefits. It oils the wheels of the brain by sharpening the memory and enhancing the focus.

Additionally, it optimizes the immune system and nervous system, all the while supporting age-associated cognitive function.

Chamomile Tincture

Chamomile tincture is the most versatile herbal remedy to treat sleep disorders and frayed nerves. As much as chamomile tea is famous for calming the hysteric senses, its tincture is also gaining the limelight due to prolonged shelf-life.

Chamomile tincture is a children-friendly option and can be quite handy in putting your hyperactive little one to sleep. It can be directly rubbed on the gums of babies who are undergoing the teething phase. Moreover, it helps in avoiding flatulence, nausea, ulceration, diarrhea, upset stomach, headache, and menstrual cramps.

White Pine Tincture

Mayernik Kitchen white pine needles are combined with 50% grain alcohol to calm your body and mind. It is safe to consume white pine tincture daily if taken in small doses to relax and enhance concentration. Its anthelmintic property kills the worms and treats the injuries caused by their presence. It also induces urination to help flush the harmful toxins and waste products.

More than that, it removes the excess mucus build-up in the lungs and guards the body against hazardous invaders.

Mayernik Kitchen White Pine Tincture