3 Herbs to Stay Active While Working From Home

3 Herbs to Stay Active While Working From Home

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Working from home in the comfort of our pj’s has its own perks. But with pros comes the cons hand in hand. Long gone are the days when we used to hit the gym before or after work. Though it felt a bit hectic the outcomes remained fruitful for our mind, body, and soul. 

Now that we all are sitting ergonomically in our home-based office desks all day, our minds tend to remain stuck in the same frame, exhausting our brains. 

But don’t worry!

We have got your homebodies covered with 3 of our favorite energizing herbs that will help you stay active while managing your home and office in the same setting. 


Rosemary is by far hailed as the best herb for mental clarity and evading brain fog. Various clinical trials have been carried out where rosemary is concluded helpful in enhancing memory and mental alertness. It reduces anxiety, elevates mood, and refines the quality of concentration.
Use Rosemary Tincture to improve your brain functioning, blood circulation, and calm your tired, aching back and feet.


Sage is not just your usual dried seasoning herb. It has more to offer than just tingling the palate. Sage was highly admired by the Romans due to its top-notch medicinal properties. Using Sage supplements can improve memory, elevate mood, and increase mental alertness. Hailed as the portrayer of wisdom, you can use sage flower essence to help you understand life processes from a higher perspective. For a much stronger effect, you can fit Sage Tincture into your routine for better memory and proper brain functioning.

White Pine 

White pine is revered as a stellar mood elevator to get rid of stress and relieve depression. Its leaves have antidepressant potential that comes in handy for upregulating the respiration that in turn imparts oxygen to the brain to get your stagnant thoughts moving. The sweet, uplifting, woody aroma of white pine is oftentimes employed by aromatherapists to evade decongestion, enhance concentration, and improve mental clarity.

Add half to a full dropper of White Pine Tincture to your water before hitting your desk and let your cerebrum take charge of the driving seat.