3 Herbs to deal with Emotional Anxiety

3 Herbs to deal with Emotional Anxiety

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

People worldwide are turning back to their origin briskly after dealing with adverse reactions at the hands of vicious synthetic products. Flower essences, generically known as Bach Flower Remedies, are one of nature’s oldest remedies that work on the energetic level to rehabilitate the equilibrium in the body, mind, and spirit. Flowers not just uplift our spirits but also improve the quality of our health and surroundings. The carefree and unassuming blossoms exert a powerful influence on health and ill-health. Beyond those lively petals comes a full spectrum of mind-body wellness. Flower essences address the psychospiritual issues by facilitating the rebalancing of the neglected energy disruption and restoring health. 

Anxiety is what we are going to talk about today,  is a normal emotion and your body’s natural response towards any stress or an event that augments the feeling of fear, alertness, and increases heart rate. People with anxiety disorder experience recurring disruptive thoughts or worries. In some situations, it can be beneficial in urging us to stay alert and pay attention to the danger in the vicinity. However, regular disproportionate feelings due to anxiety might subject the individual to a mental disorder.

The standard treatment guidelines can manipulate the brain chemistry and mask the symptoms of anxiety but they are equipped appropriately to correct the root cause. As per Patricia Kaminski, “The biochemical imbalances found in anxiety are caused by the distress of the spirit, or soul.” Flower essences deal remarkably with the soul’s crisis, thus correcting the root cause for the emergence of anxiety. Let’s explore our 3 most favorite flower essences that can deal with anxiety


Boneset Flower Essence functions by targeting the energy circuits that encourage the proper working of the immune system. It specifically triggers the areas possessing emotional heart wounds that incapacitate the immune system while keeping us numb and caged within the fences of our body. It proffers profound support with healing and clarifying deep-seated issues and realigns our internal world for achieving peace in the outer world. 

Use our Boneset Flower Essence to cure your anxiety by reassembling the scattered feelings during emotional and physical setbacks and curing emotional wounds of the heart.


The Daylily Flower Essence aids a lot in adapting a carefree attitude and dropping off the stress. This way, calm seeps through our membranes and we tend to open up and portray a cooperative attitude. It functions by stimulating the solar plexus chakra to bring stability in emotional and mental states. It positively rekindles the wonder, joy, and spark and brings the feeling of relaxation. Also, it stimulates the parasympathetic system which is known to restore the body to a calm state, all the while bringing peace and allowing us to taste the sweetness of life. 

Use our Daylily Flower Essence when you feel like obsessively controlling and planning every single detail of the daily trivialities. 


Calendula Flower Essence stimulates the solar plexus and adjusts the flow of energy that helps with the constraints, caused primarily by stress. This grounding and relaxing formula achieves wonders by empowering receptivity, bringing warmth (especially in the relationships marked by the use of abusive spoken words), and strengthening our insides to impart a sense of centeredness and equilibrium. 

Slip our Calendula flower essence into your routine to achieve sturdiness and emotional resilience that help you recognize your fears and anxieties that are sometimes responsible for coldness and distance in the relationship.