White Sage Bundle

White Sage Bundle

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The leaves are lance-shaped, with a slightly fuzzy texture, and emit a strong, pleasant fragrance when crushed or burned. This fragrance has led to its common use in smudging ceremonies, where the dried leaves are bundled together and burned as part of a spiritual and cleansing ritual to purify a space or individual.

Besides its ceremonial use, White Sage has been traditionally employed for medicinal purposes by Native Americans, who believed it had healing properties for various ailments. It was used as a remedy for respiratory issues, sore throats, and digestive problems.

4" Sustainably Harvested White Sage


  • 4" Sustainably Harvested White Sage 


Burn to cleanse body/mind/space. Tap out on a ceramic dish to extinguish. White Sage Bundle will last for many uses. 

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