Turmeric Infused Honey
Turmeric Infused Honey
Turmeric Infused Honey
Turmeric Infused Honey

Turmeric Infused Honey

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  • Turmeric
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Delve into the sweet electuary realm of organic superfood with our novel Turmeric Infused Honey. It is enriched with the goodness of curcumin that tackles inflammation and serves as an antibiotic for your system. This time-tested golden combo is all set to sit on your pancakes, toasts, waffles, ice-creams, and even your skin too. Its beneficial enzymatic action perfectly complements all skin types. It moisturizes, reduces inflammation (redness), exfoliates, and performs a stellar job in ameliorating eczema, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and extremely dry patches of skin. 

*pieces of herb may settle on the top, just stir in 



  • Local, Raw Honey
  • Organic Turmeric Root


For skin: Mix a tablespoon of Turmeric Infused Honey with a little amount of water and apply it evenly on your skin. Leave it for 5-10 minutes gently massage and rinse it to get an illuminating skin.

A tablespoon daily can help with inflammation within the body. 

You can drizzle Turmeric Infused Honey on top of your breakfast toasts, cereals, salads, oatmeal, and yogurts or stir it in your teas and coffees to enjoy its taste and benefits.

About the Ingredients


Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial plant with a maximum height of 3 feet. It is marked by funnel-shaped white, pink, or yellow flowers and alternately arranged, oblong to elliptical-shaped leaves.

It is used in Asia to give warm color to curries and other savory dishes. Medicinally,  it bolsters the immune system, detoxifies the body by supporting the liver, and promotes splanchnic blood flow. It is also documented to possess anti-inflammatory properties so it is employed to support the treatment of arthritis, endometriosis, psoriasis, and so forth.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is a famous sweet potion that has everyone wrapped around its comb. It is wildly popular due to its remarkable phytochemicals that takedown oxidative stress, sore throat, digestive issues, and much more.

It also performs a stellar job when applied to the skin due to its luxuriously moisturizing action. It cleanses the pores, treats sunburns, reduces acne flare-ups, slows the process of aging, and adds a natural glow to the skin.

Turmeric Infused Honey Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turmeric Infused Honey?

Turmeric honey is a golden infusion of two powerful entities to support a healthy lifestyle. Drop it on your toasts, pancakes, waffles, ice-creams, and what not to reap the best of its benefits. You can also apply it to your skin and feel the glow emanating from your skin.

Is Turmeric Infused Honey good for children?

Turmeric Honey is quite safe for children. It can be applied topically to minor cuts and wounds to ward off bacterial and fungal infections. You can also add it to their milk as a new flavoring agent to fill it with sweetness and benefits.


Is Turmeric Infused Honey good for the skin?

Turmeric Honey can be a perfect solution for dry skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin, exfoliates, and helps reduce inflammation and dryness associated with eczema, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. It can also be applied to minor wounds and cuts to keep fungal and microbial infections away.


Is Turmeric Infused Honey good for microbial ailments?

Turmeric Honey is a marriage of potent natural antimicrobials that serve as a remedy for various ailments, especially cough, cold & flu, and eczema. The enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide scavenges the bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and helps the body to fight against the infection.


Is Turmeric Infused Honey safe to use during pregnancy?

Turmeric Honey contains curcumin which mimics the estrogen hormone in the body and can trigger menstrual bleeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid using it in large amounts.


Should I use Turmeric Infused Honey every day?

Turmeric Honey is safe to use every day. Its regular consumption improves digestion, metabolism, blood circulation, sleep cycle, and various other physiologic functions. 


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