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The Herbal Healing Oracle Readings with Toni

Where: Mayernik Kitchen 612 Newark Pompton Turnpike Pompton Plains NJ 07444
When: October 09, 2021 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Price: $30.33

Mayernik Kitchen 612 Newark Pompton Turnpike Pompton Plains NJ 07444


Join us for a Pop-Up Event with Toni, The Feral Strega for a 20 min. reading from the Herbal Healing Deck.  

Toni  will utilize combinations of Stichomancy & Cartomancy for divination. She will use "The Herbal Healing Oracle'', Scott Cunningham's "The Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs'', & The National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs.

During this 20 min. reading, you will choose which one of the two readings you'd like done: 

  1. Seasonal Spirit Oracle
    This reading directs the querent to ask questions such as: " When should I act? When will the situation come to a head? What season would be best to launch my project?"  ONE Herbal Oracle card to answer the querent, & Stichomancy with "The Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs " for further magical guidance.

2. Healthy Herbal Stichomancy 
This reading is designed to ask the plant spirits what the querent could use in their life right now. This is done by divining with a book called Stichomancy. The book will be " The National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs", followed by ONE Healing Herbal Oracle card for spiritual & magical guidance.

Each reading will also include a sustainably harvested White Sage bundle to go home with. 

This Pop-Up event will take place outside at our bistro table in front of the store. Please dress accordingly. 

About Toni: 

Toni was born into a devout Roman Catholic family, entrenched in Stregheria. Lovingly taught by her paternal Grandmother, Toni was schooled in Italian folk magic. Many of these intuitive practices include curing the Malocchio.
In her teens Toni further explored Theology, and incorporated Pagan witch traditions into her practices. Drawing from her maternal Scots/Irish lineage, she began the spiritual journey of developing and expressing her psychic nature.
Today she brings a lifetime of theological studies, a passion for amateur herbalism, and her well-honed divination skills to Mayernik Kitchen. Toni's goal is to give guidance, support, and the insight needed to help you live your best and healthiest life.


*24-hour cancellation notice needs to be given for refund