Top 5 Pea Dishes - Mayernik Kitchen

Top 5 Pea Dishes - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in Food Profile

We all know that good things come to those who wait; however, last year, we waited...and waited...and waited for some delicious sweet peas, but they were pretty hard to come by.  March 15 is regarded as the unofficial start to “pea season”, but since we were snow covered in the Northeast until early April, we were a bit tardy to the pea party.  This year is proving to hold a bit more potential, but still, we must wait.  Once peas are correctly planted in your nicely defrosted soil, you still need to wait around a good 3-4 months before they are ready to be eaten.  So, wait we shall.

Since we’re spending all this time waiting - hopefully with a more productive result this year - we figured we might as well compile a list of some yummy dishes to use those peas once they finally sprout.  Don’t worry, you’ve got a good 60-70 days to perfect some of these gems!

1.     Thai Pea Soup - It’s a real shame that these peas aren’t ready for so long; however, a good pea soup usually uses some dried peas anyway.  Since most people aren’t super into soup during the summer months, you’ve got even more time to master this come next fall.  But this hearty, spicy  pea soup is packed with fiber, protein, and of course, tons of flavor.

2.     Pea Ravioli with Basil Pesto - You MUST try this.  When I think of the warmer months, I think of how refreshing and delicious a good pesto is.  Fresh basil, yummy garlic - you can’t go wrong.  This delicious recipe combines your traditional Italian favorite into the perfect vegan dish.

3.     Peas with Shallots, Mushrooms and Tarragon - Traditionally, peas are recognized as a side dish, the accompanier.  This is fine since they have no problem sharing the attention with the main course.  However, this perfectly paired dish of sweet peas with the rich flavors of shallots, mushrooms and the peppery hint of tarragon may make this side the show stopper.

4.     Cauliflower with “Cheese” and Peas - You know you love some hearty mac and cheese as much as we do; however, if you’re looking to go down a lighter road, give this a whirl.  The cauliflower takes the place of the macaroni, and this recipe calls for a homemade vegan cheese sauce, though it can easily be replaced with whatever your favorite cheese sauce recipe may be.  I promise, it’ll hit the spot! 

5.     Quinoa and Peas, Indian Style - Though this includes a variety of Indian spices, it is definitely not too spicy to be enjoyed as a show-stopping main course.  Deliciously filling quinoa combines with the awakening freshness of the peas to create simple dish you’re bound to love. 

When a good friend of mine began introducing solid foods to her infant, she made me laugh as she spooned pureed peas into her mouth while singing, “All we are staying, is give peas a chance”.  And as the baby smiled, giggled, and happily received more and more peas, I decided these were some of the most underrated little gems the earth has to offer.  Then, the One Green Planet site mastered my “peaseful” feelings perfectly with her “all about peas” blog.  Though we chose five of her dishes, she lists plenty more: 


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