Top 5 Holistic Holiday Helpers

Top 5 Holistic Holiday Helpers

By Shannon
Posted in Herbal Remedies on December 23, 2015

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The best part of the holiday season: cheery time spent with family and friends.  The worst part of the holiday season: overindulging (in a variety of ways) with those very same family and friends.  I really do love the holidays, but what I love even more is feeling relaxed and cozy – and completely stress free. If you find yourself feeling that way, too, keep reading for my Top 5 Holistic Holiday Helpers (who doesn’t love some alliteration every now and then?). If you found yourself in overload for any of the following reasons, give our little tips a whirl to help yourself feel better.  If you:

1. Drank a little too much last night – Try some bananas and honey.  Anyone who has been away to college (see what I did there?) knows that bananas are the age-old hangover cure.  Their base-like structure helps soak up all that alcoholic acid in your stomach like a sponge.  They also help you to quickly replenish all of those nutrients the excessive alcohol consumption stole from you!  As for the honey portion, well, this staple in your cabinets is full of many of the same resources as a banana.  It is potassium rich, easy to find, and super soothing on those ailing bellies.  Though you can take a spoonful by itself, spreading some honey on a piece of toast or a cracker will truly help!

2. Stayed out way too late – You know by now that the Mayerniks feel like a good cup of tea can cure just about anything; however, most of the teas we enjoy offer a calming, soothing effect.  On the contrary, give a hot cup of peppermint tea a try if you’re feeling super tired.  Peppermint has been known to stimulate the brain and can make you feel more awake.  (Trust me, your boss will thank you!)  You could also sip down some fresh juice.  Citrus and Ginger offer a huge combination of positive effects including boosting your immune system, improving blood circulation (hence, the helping you feel more awake thing), and assist with those feelings of nausea and indigestion. Go ahead, try it!

Top 5 Holistic Holiday Helpers - Mayernik Kitchen - New Jersey

3. Ate WAY too much – Your first stop is to head back to that ginger we just talked about, and this time, you can toss in some chamomile as well if you’re feeling risky.  A cup of tea with some ginger and/or chamomile can really help get you back on your feet and feeling more like yourself again. These two calming herbs and spices help soothe those bellies, dissipate nauseous feelings, and can help your body absorb all of those additional calories and fat you just consumed.

4. Feel overstressed – This is only natural at this time of year.  You feel like everyone around you is super cheery, but you’re feeling a bit like Scrooge. You are not alone.  Between work parties, extra hours, shopping, wrapping, and making everyone else think you’ve got it all together, you are bound to reach a breaking point.  Give some Valerian Root a whirl when you just need to sit back and relax.  Though some people are deterred by this stinky guy’s odor, it really does help with sleep and relaxation.  Try it as a tincture, tea, or capsule to relax your mind and body.

Top 5 Holistic Holiday Helpers - Mayernik Kitchen - New Jersey

Overspent and over-shopped – Well, I sadly cannot boost your bank account back up, but I can tell you that red wine fixes just about any problem I can think of.  Sit back, relax, enjoy a good glass of wine, and avoid telling your significant other about much you spent.  It really works!

We hope this helps you to enjoy the holidays as much as we do.  Cheers!

Top 5 Holistic Holiday Helpers - Mayernik Kitchen - New Jersey

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