Top 5 Herbs for a Sexy Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Herbs for a Sexy Valentine’s Day

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Once the holiday season passes, the colder, darker days of winter tend to be all-consuming.

We often get stuck in a work-a-holic rut where we go into work (and it’s still dark outside) only to come home from work (while it’s dark outside).  Don’t let this darkness dampen your moods.  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and just because the light outside is dim, doesn’t mean your relationship should be.  If you’re looking to liven up your romance – you know, the natural way – then keep reading for the lovey-dovey Mayernik’s Top 5 Tips for a Sexy Valentine’s Day.

1.  Yohimbe – Though this tree bark is a natural aide for chest pain and hypertension, it is also a pretty awesome hallucinogen (no, really, people smoke it), and it’s quite the aphrodisiac.  It’s becoming more widely used for treatment of erectile dysfunction, so if you’re looking for some help in that area, yohimbe is perfectly natural, safe, and legal.

2.  Indian Ginseng – This one offers a wealth of benefits, even outside the bedroom.  From stimulating the thyroid gland, to easing cancer symptoms, to its effective ease of rheumatoid arthritis pains, and so much more, medics have turned to ashwagandha for centuries.  In addition to a variety of health benefits, this ginseng has also been used as an aphrodisiac.  It’s been known to improve vitality and fertility, and more recently, studies have proven it to boost semen quality.  Anyone looking for babies around next Thanksgiving should look into some of this!

Top 5 Herbs for a Sexy Valentine’s Day - Indian Ginseng - Mayernik Kitchen


3.  Gotu Kola – This herb, one of the most highly regarded herbs in India, serves so many beneficial purposes, it feels a bit “wrong” to simply touch upon it here.  Used by Yogis to improve meditation, Gotu Kola improves circulation, lowers high blood pressure, aides in skin treatments, and relaxes the body.  Though it can also have some of the stimulating effects as caffeine, it’s generally just a good, old-fashioned, feel-good herb.  Isn’t feeling good what Valentine’s Day is all about?

4.  Damina Leaf – This aromatic shrub also works wonders for your general well-being.  Though it can improve digestion and (with slightly larger doses) work as a laxative, it can also simply boost your energy and wellness.  When your energy level rises, so does your libido.  Many southwestern cultures use this as a sexuality tonic as damina improves sexual fitness, sends oxygen to the genital area, restores the ability to achieve orgasm, and generally raises your sexual desire.  Go ahead and go for some damina.

5.  Ginko Biloba – Though this guy has been used FOREVER, it’s the modern research of German scientists that have made ginko biloba worth noting.  In fact, a prescription is required for this in Germany.  It helps with vision, headaches, depression, and even that annoying little ringing in your ears.  In addition, it boosts our blood flow and oxygen levels and stimulates brain activity which assists in raising your sexual desire. Ginko Biloba tree's can be found all over Northern New Jersey. These tree's line the walkway at Whole Foods in Paramus, FYI! 

Top 5 Herbs for a Sexy Valentine’s Day - Ginko Biloba - Mayernik Kitchen


If herbs aren’t your thing, you can always go for a glass (or bottle) of some good wine.  I hear that works well, too.  Whatever your method, I hope you have a nice, steamy Valentine’s Day.