September Out of the Woods Apothecary Box - Mayernik Kitchen

September Out of the Woods Apothecary Box - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Hello, September!  I just love, love, LOVE that summer is coming to a close.  That means, pretty soon, I’ll be in my comfy boots and cozy sweaters, readying up for my favorite time of year.  Since September kicks off the fall season, we felt like we needed to outdo ourselves with this month’s subscription box; I certainly can’t slack on one of my favorite months.  Matt and I have both grown attached to a few separate items in this box, but on the whole, it is definitely one of our favorites, so far.  Check out what we’ve got in the mix for you:

1. First-Aid Plantain Salve – This might sound like a mouthful, but it is so worth trying.  Made with Mayernik Garden plantains, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, and organic tea tree essential oil, this salve is the perfect antidote for your minor skin irritations.  It is all-natural, antibacterial, and antiseptic, and it perfectly soothes bug bites, burns, diaper rash, cuts, and other skin disorders like psoriasis.

2. Organic Cinnamon Tincture – This inclusion is the perfect aide for those trying to regulate their blood sugar.  We created it by infusing some organic cinnamon in vodka for several weeks, and came out with the perfect tincture for you to enjoy when you’re feeling run down or overindulged, or even just to keep your immune system strong through the change of seasons.

3. Mayernik Kitchen Herbal Infusions Collection – This is, without a doubt, Matt’s favorite participant this month.  We’ve created three large infusion bags all with herbs and ingredients directly from our own garden.  When you’re ready to indulge, steep one of the bags in 48-64 ounces of water for four-six hours, chill, and then enjoy.  We’ve recreated some of Matt’s favorite combos for you: lemon verbena and peppermint, hibiscus and green tea, and white pine with orange mint.  I seriously think he’s salivating while watching me type this!

4. Mayernik Kitchen Cleanse Smudge Pouch – Don’t know what smudging is?  Don’t underestimate yourself!  It’s a practice more common than you think, simply hiding behind a Native American term.  It comes as no surprise that the right scents can help clear your mind – whether through sprays, candles, or incense.  Our smudge pouch includes sage fresh-picked from our garden and some locally foraged mugwort to form the perfect combination for clearing your mind, releasing your negative energy, and cleansing your spirit.

5. Blue Abalone Smudge Shell – Thought we were just going to throw you to the wolves and figure out what to do with the smudge pouch on your own?  Does that really sound like us?  Of course not!  We’ve included the perfect place for you to toss in some of those loose herbs.  Simply add some to this decorative shell, light, and relax the night away.

We worked super hard to form the perfect combination of health, healing, and relaxation as we all transition (hopefully smoothly) into the fall months.  Don’t forget to send your feedback and pictures!


September Out of the Woods Apothecary Box - Mayernik Kitchen #mayernikkitchen