Morgan’s Farm Stand – Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Morgan’s Farm Stand – Cedar Grove, New Jersey

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Hidden treasures, don’t we love them all?

I grew up in Clifton, New Jersey, just minutes from Cedar Grove and not until the past year or so, did I know there was a working farm, that grew organic veggies, fruits and flowers, next the historical Canfield-Morgan House, that was built in 1845.

I have a feeling many people are unware of this hidden gem that sits right on Pompton Ave in Cedar Grove, NJ. This gem is Morgan's Farm

Organic Farm in Cedar Grove New Jersey

It’s crazy how social media sometimes is such a blessing. I had come across Morgan’s Farm from another local business (Blooms in Hand), when Anna told me she was going to be getting fresh cut flowers, locally, organically grown from a farm in town. Of course, I was curious and started to follow the journey of Morgan’s Farm.

This past weekend, Matt and I had the pleasure of meeting John and Alyssa who were working at the organic farm stand on Saturday afternoon. We were greeted with such smiles and enthusiasm. We weren’t there more than 10 minutes when we were offered a tour of the farm, just down the hill a bit. Of course, we can’t turn down a farm tour so we followed a small path down to a 14-acre area which completely blew our minds.

Farm in Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Morgan’s Farm is run on a majority of volunteer hours and John shared all of his beautiful plants with us. There were rows of tomatoes, squash, beans, berries, flowers and more. The land also has a pretty large apiary where they house 10+ hives of honeybees. We walked along rows of homegrown veggies and chatted with John as he explained how he built all the garden beds, trellises, and cages to support the large growing vegetable plants. 

After our tour of the farm, Matt and I shopped a bit at the market and picked up fresh flowers, homemade beeswax food wraps (OMG they are AMAZING - and made with the beeswax from their bees), and a bottle of local maple syrup.

Homemade Beeswax Food Wraps

It’s truly amazing how much Alyssa, John, Matt and I all have in common and it was such a great afternoon getting to chat and learn. We really love everything they are doing and appreciate what they are bringing to the community. We know we will visiting again soon!

And if you are in the area, please pay them a visit, you won't be disappointed! They are also always looking for serious volunteers who know a bit about gardening, who don’t mind working hard and getting dirty, and who love spreading the word about a local, organic lifestyle! If this is something you'd be interested in, contact the farmers HERE

Morgan's Farm - 903 Pompton Ave. (Rt 23), Cedar Grove, NJ 

Farm Life - Morgan's Farm Cedar Grove - Organic Farm

Disclaimer - this post is completly my opinion and I was not asked to write/review Morgan's Farm. I just LOVE to support local, small businesses! 

Morgan's Farm - Cedar Grove - Organic Farm