Meet the Mayernik's - Northern New Jersey

Meet the Mayernik's - Northern New Jersey

By Shannon, Posted in Personal


Thanks for stopping by the blog! We sure are happy you are here!

We thought it would be a perfect time to re-introduce ourselves to you, especially if you are new to Mayernik Kitchen.

Mayernik Kitchen was an idea started in April of 2015. At that point, we really had no idea what we wanted to do with it. We live in Northern NJ and have a love of gardening, herbalism, homemade anything, and living a natural, simple life. So we thought if we put everything together that we loved, we could create an awesome space to educate others as well as sell our homemade products and share recipes.

Let's jump ahead a few months to Labor Day weekend, 2015. Matt comes up with an idea for an Apothecary Monthly Subscription box that would include 5 new products monthly. The idea was amazing and we got right to work. We sent out 15 boxes to friends/family for them to test. The response was great so we moved forward with The Mayernik Kitchen Apothecary Box Subscription in December 2015. Well...let's just be honest here. It was HARD! Real hard. We were running out of ideas for our 5 new products a month and started to stray from our original idea of herbal products. We started making all sorts of products that did not resonate with us 100% so we had to take a step back and figure out what we were doing. So our last Apothecary box was created in October 2016 and we took a little break.

We missed educating and making products though - so we got back into the kitchen and we are so happy we did. We are now offering homemade, herbal products that will not only help create a beautiful plant medicine cabinet for you, but products that are practical for everyday life.  We are taking our time with creating recipes and not rushing through any of the processes. We are educating our followers on our lifestyle, and how we live, along with how we create our products. We love getting out in nature and foraging local wild food, we love gardening and use some of our culinary herbs in our products and we love being in the kitchen together cooking and creating!

I'm so happy you are on this journey with us and we can't wait to share more!

And Oh, you want to know a little about us too - sure! Matt and I have been married 8 years - together 12+ years. We live in Northern NJ and have a HUGE garden outback. We love cooking, taking walks, live music, and documentaries. We also love breakfast food and coffee...lots of coffee!

Chat soon!

Shannon & Matt