Mayernik Kitchen Herb Infused Salt - Mayernik Kitchen

Mayernik Kitchen Herb Infused Salt - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product

One of the most widely used spices in all of cooking is salt.  While we all know we should limit our salt intake, there is no denying that it offers tons of flavor.  Just as herb infused olive oils spiked on the specialty food scene, herb infused salts are soaring in popularity.  The downfall is that in most specialty markets, herb infused salts can be ridiculously expensive.  In your own home, however, they are super easy (and much cheaper!) to create if you’ve simply got a bit of patience since you’ll need a few days to let the flavors infuse.

Matt and I went on a limb and decided to create our own herb infused salt, and we could not possibly be  more impressed with the outcome.  Whether sprinkled on some fresh tomatoes, tossed with a nice summer salad, or used to season when cooking, the herbal flavors combined with the salt are simply amazing.  I am so excited for all of this month’s Apothecary Box subscribers to offer their feedback, recipes, and reviews.  I hope everyone loves it as much as we do.

If you’ve never tried an herb infused salt before, this is a good starter for you.  We’ve taken some herbs directly out of our garden and used a coarse, pink Himalayan salt.  The flavors are strong, but not overpowering, and you can gather a real sense for how the herbs affect the use of salt on your foods.  It adds a light, airy freshness – especially to foods that might otherwise become dull or mundane.  The best part of an herb infused salt is that it lets you think outside the box.  Try sprinkling some on foods that you might not usually put salt on.  If you’re super daring and decide to create your own varieties, you can work to turn almost anything into a savory plate of deliciousness.  Enjoy!


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