June Out of the Woods Apothecary Box - Mayernik Kitchen

June Out of the Woods Apothecary Box - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon
Posted in Herbal Remedies on June 03, 2016

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Hello, start of summer!  Am I the only person who gets super excited for the change of seasons, regardless of which we are entering?  I hope not!  While I love my boots and cozy sweaters, I also love fresh, local produce.  In northern New Jersey, the warmer months are prime time for fresh flowers, scrumptious produce, and an all-around heightening in florally, citrusy deliciousness.  We are super excited for all of our June Out of the Woods Apothecary Box’s items this month as they simply emanate summer.

In one of our first boxes, we included a woodsy, fall scented room spray.  We decided to switch things up this time around with some of our lavender picked fresh at the end of last season.  Our lavender room spray will offer a calming, relaxing effect to your room of choice, or a quick spritz on your pillow will have you snoozing in no time at all.  We have also included our second salve in this month’s box – this time is dandelion.  We lovingly call dandelions our favorite weeds because though they typically sprout uninvited, they offer so much from delicious petals to help with your chapped, dry skin.  Another skin-soothing solution that we included this month is our St. John’s Wart Oil.  We’ve infused some organic olive oil with some locally foraged St. John’s flowers to create an amazing concoction that’s perfect for soothing your sunburn, sore muscles, and minor bruising.


June Out of the Woods Apothecary Box - Mayernik Kitchen


Our last body-conscious creation that we included this month is our organic vegan soap.  You’ll receive two five-ounce bars in your box of varying scents that will leave you refreshed, clean, and super smooth for the summer months.  Finally, our Cleaver Tincture is our one inclusion for your insides rather than your outsides.  We locally foraged some cleavers and soaked them in some vodka for about six weeks to create this awesome tincture that acts as a natural diuretic and helps detoxify your body.  In addition, it does help with psoriasis and other skin conditions. It is hard for us to pick our favorite item in this month’s box, so feel free to offer us your feedback on your favorites!  Cheers to summer!


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