Is Elderberry Syrup the same as Robitussin elderberry cough syrup?

Is Elderberry Syrup the same as Robitussin elderberry cough syrup?

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

It is mid-winter and I was surfing through news articles. With my search all optimized, I kept coming across different syrups in my feed that claimed to possess the real goodness of the herbs. My mind, being an insistent paleontologist, compelled me to dig a little and get into the roots of the commercially marketed products.

In no time I was able to peel off the fierce portrayal of many elderberry syrup brands that had invested ample in their marketing but little in their research and development activities. I started my search with only one question in mind: Would cough syrup with elderberry be the same as elderberry syrup and got more than I bargained for. 

Ditching my comfy sofa, I stayed glued to my chair as the idea for my next blog had pitched itself in full form and function. In today’s post, I will be walking you through a contrastive ground over which I am comparing the originality of elderberry syrup and cough syrups claiming to contain elderberry. 

What is Elderberry Syrup?

Elderberry is undeniably a powerful plant that has garnered all the attention and praise due to its remarkable herbal actions that come in handy, especially during the season of cold and flu.

It is composed of five key ingredients that generate synergistic action in the most amazingly balanced way to ensure reinforcement of the immunity for better health. It includes:

  • Organic elderberries
  • Organic ginger
  • Organic cinnamon
  • Organic cloves
  • Raw honey

All these fierce ingredients make it difficult for foreign invaders to stay in the body and make the body a harsh environment for the microbes due to the mega strength of the immune system. 

Apart from disarming the viruses, elderberry syrups protect against autoimmune disorders and support the treatment of influenza, phlegm, and respiratory tract illnesses, inflammatory and painful conditions.

What is Elderberry Cough Syrup?

Elderberry cough syrups are heavily saturated in the markets. They claim to temporarily relieve cold and cough due to minor throat infections and bronchial irritation by draining the bronchial tubes. 

Though maybe efficacious, the ingredients list of such cough syrups is brimmed with plenty of inactive ingredients that are working more to stabilize the product rather than imparting the optimum effect. 


Just for the sake of comparison, I have chosen Robitussin Elderberry Cough Syrup to help you understand the perks of organic preparations.

Our Organic Elderberry Syrup contains only 5 ingredients. It is prepared with utmost diligence to provide our fellows with the goodness of organic entities. Since this formulation is free from chemical additives and preservatives, it is perishable and needs to be refrigerated.

Elderberry Cough Syrups remain stable at room temperature and possess prolonged shelf life due to the presence of chemical additives and preservatives. Also, the content of sugar in these formulations is quite high, making the product vulnerable to crystallization. So it is usually prohibited to refrigerate them. 

The ingredients list of organic elderberry syrup is raw and condensed. Its utterly organic nature makes it easier to incorporate it into the routine without having to worry about the hassles you will have to deal with that comes with synthetic excipients. Contrastingly, cough syrup has a long list of inactive ingredients, preservatives, chemical additives, flavoring agents, coloring agents, and whatnot. 

Their claim to have elderberry juice in their formulation may just be for ringing the magic of flavor. This lack of originality was more than enough to catch my eye. I’d recommend my readers and fellows to switch to the organic options and do a little research before adding anything to their routine. You never know what’s in the bottle but a little glance at the label and a few keypad strokes on the phone can change your life game.