Introducing MK Untapped

Introducing MK Untapped

By Shannon, Posted in MK Untapped

Well it’s no secret, Matt and I love breweries. We also love supporting local, small businesses so we wanted to share with you all our travels and adventures as we make our way around the states trying out new breweries and eateries.

This idea came to us quite some time ago, but we never really did anything with it. We wanted to document our day and create little day trips that you all could go on too. We also wanted to support local businesses and help get the word out about them. As small business owners ourselves, we know it’s not always easy to get new visitors to our site and new customers to purchase our products. Small businesses need to stick together, so we hope we can help a few out along the way.

Matt and I have visited and tasted beers from over 100 craft breweries. Now I know that sounds like A LOT, but we tend to travel often, and when we do, we always try to find a local brewery. We’ve been visiting breweries for about 7-8 years now and have been to breweries in 15+ states. We even keep track of those that we’ve visited on our Pinterest board (just in case you want to take a peek at it).

We’ve visited big craft breweries, like Sierra Nevada in Mills River, NC and small, farm breweries like Plan Bee in Poughkeepsie, NY. We’ve attended a wedding at Stone Brewery in Escondido, CA and have taken a tour of one of our favorites, Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE. We plan day trips, weekend trips and week-long trips around great craft beer cities. As you can see, we have a passion for craft beer.


But now we run into this problem, we’ve visited over ONE HUNDRED breweries and have NO CLUE what we drank at any of them. Do we go back and visit them all again? Sure, I’d love that but it’s not possible. So moving forward, we will start taking notes at the breweries we visit, so we can share with you the beers we enjoyed during our tastings and some things we’ve learned along the way while chatting with the brew master. We will also share some of our past trips and adventures so you have an idea of breweries you could visit when you need a day out!

All we ask is that you share our new blog series with your beer loving friends and invite us to follow along with your beer travels by using the hashtag #mkuntapped. If you have a brewery you think we NEED to check out, shoot us an email or message us on social media, we are always up for an adventure.