How to Make Moon Water

How to Make Moon Water

By Shannon, Posted in Moon & Crystals

Our relationship with the moon is deep and intimate. At least once in our lifetime, we all have talked to the la luna, pressing all our deep hopes and dreams into this single shiny crater. We, at Mayernik Kitchen, have been getting to know our inner spirituality in the past years- flower essences, mists, smudge sprays, and all that good stuff. And that’s why our mind algorithm now nudged us to study moon water. 

Our astrology folks know very well that the moon energetically equates with water and the biggest phenomenon to portray this reality is its effect on the tides. The water can pull in and hold the energy of a full or new moon. 

Now here comes the part where we get to know what exactly moon water is?

Moon water is simply water charged with the magical energy of the moon, usually the full moon, or sometimes the new moon. The water is believed to draw in the lunar energy of the moon that amplifies our workings and intentions by helping us tap into our silent subconscious feelings and emotions, all the while healing and reinvigorating the aspects of our spirituality.

How to Make Moon Water?

Moon water making is an ancient practice in alchemy where water molecules are activated with radiant emissions that come from the moon. It is an easy endeavor to make the moon water by simply placing a bowl or jar filled with water under direct moonlight and letting the la luna program it. You can start with spring water or distilled water, whichever is available to you and suits your routine. 

You can leave the jar uncovered but we recommend covering it to keep the water clean because the moon will reach it by all means!

If you want you can take a moment to say your affirmation (or prayer) over the jar to plant an intention for your ritual. To supplement its cleansing properties you can either add salt or your favorite crystals, making sure that your crystals are clean and water-friendly. Absorbing all the emanations of the light of the moon, the moon water will be ready in the morning to be used for whatever purpose you have made it.

When Can I Make Moon Water?

You can charge your water under the moon during any time of the year but some people like to charge their water under a full moon, while some like to do it with a new moon or any other meaningful lunar event. 

But there is a reason why people pay extra special attention to the full moon. It is linked with the potent energy, representing the culmination of the full moon cycle. It exemplifies the termination of one chapter where we can employ its energy to toss out the negative vibrations and mindfully invite positive thoughts to move ahead. 

What Can I Use Moon Water for?

You can use this versatile moon potion in numerous ways. Some of our favorite ones are:

  • For washing crystals
  • For watering plants
  • Adding it to plant medicines
  • Using as ceremonial water
  • Using in facial toners
  • Taking a sip during meditation
  • Adding to herbal baths

The heightened energy of the moon knows no bounds. You can use moon water to your advantage, how-so-ever you like to. Just keep your intentions firm and think positive!