Herb of the Month - Lavender - Mayernik Kitchen

Herb of the Month - Lavender - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in Herb of the Month

I know we’ve posted a ton about lavender in the past, but we love this plant so much that we named it our August Herb of the Month.  Because of its health benefits, sweet smell, and wide array of uses, lavender has become one of the most widely used herbs in the world.  Matt and I put lavender into just about anything, and I know we aren’t alone.  Tales of lavender use and healing powers date back to the ancient Egyptians (for mummification), ancient Romans (for bathing and perfume), and even the Bible as Mary anoint Jesus with her hair.


Mayernik Kitchen Lavender Honey - Mayernik Kitchen #mayernikkitchen


Today, you know, in modern-life New Jersey, the powers of lavender haven’t changed much.  Lavender can be used for consumption in teas and desserts, for application in salves and creams, and for scent in sprays and candles.  Though it is most widely known to offer a relaxing, calming scent, lavender offers so much more to benefit your health both inside and out. Matt and I just harvested our lavender in mid-July, and we have it drying out for a wide array of future purposes.  Some of lavender’s biggest benefits include healing cuts and burns, improving your sleep, easing your headaches, restoring and healing your skin and complexion, and alleviating your stress and anxiety.


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It comes as no surprise to find that lavender essential oil is the most used essential oil in the world.  With its varying health benefits, ease of use, and multi-purpose effects, lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oils to add into your rotation.  Whether you’re using it to ease itchy, cracked skin, adding a few drops to a foot bath before bed, or creating your own candles, you won’t be disappointed in the soothing effects of lavender.  Check out this list for some easy, creative ideas on how best to use some lavender. 


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