Garlic Mustard - What's Growing Wednesday

Garlic Mustard - What's Growing Wednesday

Garlic Mustard is a wild plant that is popping up all over in these early spring days. Not only is garlic mustard a wild food, it is very nutritious and can be used in a variety of ways. 

Garlic Mustard can be found pretty much anywhere in the early spring as it is considered an invasive plant. This pungent, spicy wild food is best enjoyed when the plant is still young and the leaves are tender. We enjoy tossing a few leaves into a salad or sauteed in veggie dishes. Garlic Mustard Pesto is also a staple in our home, as we like to make a large batch and freeze in 4oz jars to enjoy throughout the fall/winter months. 

After Garlic Mustard flowers, it will go to seed, which you can harvest and use as you would any other mustard seed. 

There are medicinal benefits of mustard plants such as the spice of the plant can warm you up and stimulate movement. Anyone who suffers from cold hands/feet (Circulation issues) can benefit from spicy, pungent foods.  Mustard's can also help with upper respiratory issues, such as congestion and stuck mucus. Snacking on the leaves of mustard can help clear up your respiratory system. 

Garlic Mustard also has a good amount of Vitamin A, C, E, and some B. It also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper, iron and manganese.

If you've identified garlic mustard (or any wild mustard) growing around your land, be sure to enjoy some. There is nothing better than adding a wild food to any dish you prepare! Enjoy!

Garlic Mustard Infographic