First Planting in Mayernik Garden 2015 - Northern New Jersey

First Planting in Mayernik Garden 2015 - Northern New Jersey

By Shannon, Posted in Garden

April 6, 2015...cold weather seeds have been planted in the 2015 Mayernik Garden.


Hudson Valley Seed Library Packs - Mayernik Garden


We had a very mild day, and all our seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library came in, so we wanted to get out there and start planting some cold weather crops. This was the first time this year we were able to turn the dirt, and it looked awesome! It's a very rich brown color and it had a lot of volume to it. It turned easily, so we knew we were good to go with planting some seeds.


Raking Raised Garden Beds - Mayernik Garden


After raking the boxes we wanted to plant in, we dig out a little trench so we know where our rows will be planted. We than mark them with a twig or larger piece of mulch so we know exactly where the seeds were placed. Super easy way to mark the rows, and once the plants start popping through the soil, we can either use the twigs for the fire pit or compost the mulch pieces. 


Raised Garden Bed - Mayernik Garden


Once the seeds are planted, we cover up the little trench and water them. And then we wait...and wait...until we see that first little sprout come up through the dirt! That is when we do our happy dance because that is a sure sign that the plants will thrive and provide us with local, seasonal, produce. 


Planting Seeds in Raised Beds - Mayernik Garden


Our first planting consisted of:

4 Rows of Early Wonder Top Tail Beets

4 Rows of Kaleidoscope Carrots

2 Rows of Golden Globe Turnip

2 Rows of Purple Top White Gold Turnip

1 Row Each of:

French Breakfast Radish

Watermelon Radish

Minowase Daikon Radish

Wild Arugula

Frisee Endive 


If you have ANY questions on gardening in April in the Northeast, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be updating often so you'll be able to follow our journey through the 2015 Mayernik Garden.