Elderberry - A Holistic Superfood

Elderberry - A Holistic Superfood

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

For Shannon and I, and many others throughout the world, elderberries are nothing new in terms of cold and flu prevention.  For those of us who are not quite as well-versed in this magical berry, let me explain some of its background, uses, and benefits.  

In general, if you’re looking to get healthy, stay healthy, and live healthy, insert some elderberries in your everyday life.  But, if you need to know why before consuming the what, then keep reading!

Elderberries have been used throughout history as a folk remedy for a variety of ailments.  Since its popularity is clawing its way back into the world, many recent studies are rediscovering its benefits.  In addition to being a super strong power in cold and flu prevention, elderberries offer a ton of other health benefits.  They are widely known for their antioxidant activity which can definitely help boost your immune system. They are also known for lowering cholesterol and improving vision.

Let’s head back to the basics and learn our A, B, Cs – our vitamins that is.  Elderberries are rich in all three of these which is why they are so strong in fighting our cold and flu symptoms.  They help destroy the negative virus cells that try to attack our healthy cells which helps keep us feeling great. Consuming elderberries – through syrups or tinctures – can help soothe those coughs and ease those achy flu symptoms much more quickly than battling on your own.  I, personally, take my elderberry tincture each day – especially when I’m feeling a bit run down.  But since tinctures are usually made with alcohol (maybe that’s why I’m such a fan?), the syrups are a better option for children and pregnant women. 

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