Can you drink Mugwort tea?

Can you drink Mugwort tea?

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

What better time to get engrossed in the world of greens and herbs than spring?

As the spring takes on its full color, it is the perfect time to exercise our green thumbs. Today, we are going to talk about the only wild beauty that has magically invaded urban palaces: Mugwort.

Mugwort is an auspicious herbal diva that is honored as one of the eldest herbal remedies for various ailments and evils. This spiritual botanical is called by several names, such as riverside wormwood, old man, old uncle henry, naughty man, wild wormwood, chrysanthemum weed, sailor’s tobacco, and so forth.

Due to some evident sagas of its bitter taste, folks dwell on whether to take its tea or not. The answer to this million-dollar question is YES, but due to its wincingly bitter off-notes we personally prefer other preparations that are liable to impart the benefits more than we bargained for.

Its most frequent use is to welcome the long-forgotten sleep. We, at Mayernik Kitchen, have prepared the perfect solution for the problem. And don’t worry; it isn’t that bitter tea that you dread over every now and then. Let’s walk you through some terrific preparations that can surely get your snooze game on.

Mugwort Tincture

We use locally foraged mugwort in our Mugwort Tincture that helps with anxiety, sleep disorders, neuronal disorders, and menstrual problems. It also stimulates gastric juices and bile secretions to help with digestive tract issues. It enhances blood circulation and induces diuuresis to increase the excretion of toxins through urinary output. Historically, Mugwort tincture was used to treat status epilepticus/epileptic seizures in children.

Pour a full dropper of Mugwort Tincture in your regular tea or water and enjoy its never-ending benefits.

Mugwort Infused Oil

Mugwort infused oil is yet another treat that must be tried by people having troubled sleep. Its dried leaves can be infused in olive oil for 2 to 3 weeks (use a slow cooker to quicken the process) and can be applied raw on sensitive spots, such as temples, neck sides, behind the ears, and wrists.

To expand the focus mugwort oil, add a few drops of lavender essential oil and get quality Zzzzz.

Hope this article benefits you in every possible way. Let’s share this info and make a prayer for all the welfare of all the troubled souls.

Mugwort will always hold a very special space in my heart as she was my first plant ally when I started studying herbs 10+ years ago. She is one magical plant. 

dried mugwort leaf on a spoon