Can Aloe Vera be used for skin injuries and burns?

Can Aloe Vera be used for skin injuries and burns?

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Aloe vera- the little miraculous succulent plant with tons of benefits to swear by.

Aloe vera is a widely known house plant that’s a frequent treat to the eyes, especially in the subcontinent. It has garnered massive attention and a dominant position in the market due to its amazing benefits.

Aloe vera is rich in beneficial nutrients that help with a diverse array of disorders, such as boosting a weakened immune system, improving digestion, reducing dental plaques, healing wounds, treating canker sores, assisting joint movement, and much more.

It's often hailed as the go-to remedy for various skin, scalp, and hair-related issues. 

If you have skin problems and are looking for a cheap, harmless, and quick fix, aloe vera can be safely used without worrying about unintended adverse effects. 

Aloe vera for Skin Injuries

Aloe vera is famous for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, skin protective, and wound-healing properties. For centuries, its gel has been applied directly to injuries to eliminate inflammation, pain, microbial colonies, and scar.

The ointments containing aloe vera extracts are used to reduce post-operative pain and post-defecation pain and heal wounds after open hemorrhoidectomy. 

Aloe vera also helps with other sorts of disorders that account for injuries, especially diaper dermatitis, skin ulcer, and acne-related wounds. It has been reported that using aloe vera gel can reduce pain and accelerate wound healing faster as compared to 2% nitrofurazone ointment.

Aloe vera for Burns

Severe burns can be an injury for life! It is one of the most devastating injuries of all that serves as a hotspot for microbial growth that worsens the situation of the skin even more. If it is not treated in a timely fashion then it can lead to septicemia, which is a primary cause of death in burn patients.

Fortunately, nature has provided us with aloe vera which proves to be very effective in treating sunburns and first and second-degree burns. Applying aloe vera gel directly to the burns helps promote the healing process by reducing inflammation, encouraging circulation, and blocking microbial growth.

Can I grow Aloe vera?

Growing aloe vera is as easy as an ABC. You can grow it using either seeds or stem cutting as leaves alone cannot produce a functional root. If you reside in USDA zone 8-11, you can plant it outside. Otherwise, it is best to grow aloe in a pot and bring it in for the winter to keep it alive.

It requires a good amount of bright sunlight or else it enters dormancy and stops growing any further. Water it heavily once or twice a week and make sure the soil is completely dried before hydrating it otherwise the plant will rot.


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