7 Herbs to keep in stock this winter!

7 Herbs to keep in stock this winter!

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies


Where snuggly blankets and hot herbal concoctions reign supreme.

While the season may seem bleak and frosty, there is a secret stash you can keep to combat the cold and infuse your life with a touch of spice. Behold the magnificent seven herbs - your trusty arsenal against icy grasp of the season, all poised to jazz up your life with a dash of spice and a ton of wellness. 


The aroma of cinnamon wafting through the air is like a winter hug for your senses. This sweet-scented superhero of the spice rack can transform ordinary dishes into fragrant delights. It is a master at keeping blood sugar levels in check. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a hero for bolstering your body’s defenses against winter woes.


Ginger is a fiery root that packs a spicy punch of antioxidants. It isn’t just about giving that signature zing to your teas and stir-fries, it’s your knight in shining armor against those pesky winter bugs. It is loaded with immune-boosting properties to your system against winter troubles.


Next on our list is cardamom, the exotic addition to your winter stash needs. It not only brings a touch of sophistication to your culinary endeavors but also serves as a digestive wizard, giving your gut a break from excessive motility. A sprinkle of cardamom can aid in digestion, making it a perfect ally during the season of hearty feasts. 


Cloves are little spice bombs that aren’t just about depth to mulled beverages and diversified cuisines, they are armed with loads of antibacterial components that are perfect for keeping those winter bugs at bay. They are surely the unsung heroes of your spice rack that require a way to your system to keep you fit and healthy this winter season.


Cayenne pepper is your fiery friend that you didn’t know you needed. While it adds a kick to your dishes, it is also a metabolism booster and circulation champion. It increases the production of saliva that induces a healthy metabolism, to keep you fit and all set to take over your daily tasks without any hint of heaviness. Add a dash to your soups or hot drinks, and you have got yourself a spicy winter reviver.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is the unsung hero of every spice rack. It deserves a much-needed spotlight in your winter stash. Beyond its flavor-enhancing prowess, black pepper is known for its ability to improve digestion and relieve cold and cough symbols for a smooth transition from one season to another. 


Turmeric is the golden gem of the spice world. With its anti-inflammatory prowess, turmeric is your go-to guardian for a robust immune system. Just as its vibrant hues bring sunshine to your dishes, its phytonutrients clear the body of harmful toxins and foreign invaders, keeping you all well to welcome the winters warmly.