2022 Mayernik Kitchen Medicinal Plant Sale

2022 Mayernik Kitchen Medicinal Plant Sale

By Matt, Posted in Garden

The 2022 medicinal plant sale will open on April 26, 2022  and will run from April to Mid summer until supplies last.

What will be offered

Mayernik Kitchen will be offering over 30 varieties of medicinal, culinary and other types of herbs.  Not all plants are currently available, these will be released over the next several weeks as they are ready.

We will be offering 3.5" pots of a variety of perennial and annuals. Prices range from $4 to $6 per plant.

All plants have been grown from seed unless otherwise noted. 

Most of these plants are not your common garden center variety.  We offer medicinal plants ranging from Astragalus, Ashwaganda and Stinging Nettles to Yarrow and Valerian.

When will these medical plants be offered

We are officially open as of 4/26/2022 and will continue through mid summer or until supplies last.  Many varieties will be released over the next several weeks.  If you see a plant that is not currently available, use the Notify Me link on the specific plant page to be notified when the plant is available.

How can I order

There are two ways to order:

  1. Online (recommended) - you can shop the live plants here. We currently do not ship live plants.  Pickup is available in Pompton Plains and North Haledon NJ.   After you have placed, you can select the location you wish to pickup.  You will then receive an email within 1 business day to schedule your pickup.
  2. In Store (Pompton Plains NJ) - we will have a limited availability in the store, 612 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains NJ.  You can find the store hours in the footer.

Some of the plants I want are sold out?

We will be releasing batches of plants over the next several weeks, if there is a plant that you want to purchase, that is sold out, click the NOTIFY ME link on the individual plant page and add your email address.  Once we update inventory you will receive an email that the plant is available.

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