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Mountain Mint - Live Plant

Mountain Mint - Live Plant

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Looking to add a burst of color and fragrance to your garden and outdoor space? Look no further than Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum)!

What do I need to grow to set myself up for success growing Mountain Mint?

When it comes to growing Mountain Mint, water, light, and soil are paramount. Mountain Mint tends to be best with full sun to partial shade exposure.

If you are growinging in a container, you can easily control the soil. However if you are growing in the ground, Mountain Mint grows best in well-drained, sandy soil.

Ensure you're aware of Mountain Mint's potential size. Allocating 12-18 inches between plants is advisable, as they can grow to be 12-24 inches in diameter and reach heights of up to 18-36 inches.

Although Mountain Mint typically produces blooms summer to fall, flowering could be delayed until the second year, depending on the planting date.

What is Mountain Mint good for?

Historically, Mountain Mint has been renowned for its digestive aid, insect repellent, with tea, infusion crafted from its leaves, flowers to harness its medicinal properties.

This slow-growing perennial is a great choice for anyone who is looking for vibrancy with low maintenance. It is available in a 3.5” pot, ready to give clusters of small, white flowers that emit a sweet and minty aroma. Each plant is thriving and ready for you to enjoy in your home garden either for medicinal purposes or to be used as a beautiful and fragrant addition to any indoor space.

About Mountain Mint

Mountain Mint is a versatile herbaceous perennial that comes from the mint family. It serves as an excellent source of nectar for bees, making it one of the top choices for supporting wildlife and bringing pollinators to the garden.

Its flowers and leaves are edible and are often used in cooking or brewing teas. It is known to possess anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. It is frequently used as a digestive aid, respiratory aid, and for relieving headaches. It is also applied topically to treat different skin conditions, especially eczema, and acne. Its antimicrobial action helps in the treatment of fever blisters and cold sores.


How to Use Mountain Mint

  • Tincture: Fresh or dried mountain mint leaves are chopped and macerated in grain alcohol for 4 to 6 weeks to formulate a tincture.
  • Tea: In hot water, dried mountain mint leaves are soaked for around 5-6 minutes to make tea.
  • Salve: Dried mountain mint leaves-infused oil makes a great antifungal and antibacterial salve when combined with olive oil and melted beeswax. 
  • Vinegar infusion: Dried mountain mint leaves or flowers can be soaked in apple cider vinegar for 3 to 6 weeks, shaking and adding vinegar during the period, to form Mountain mint vinegar infusion.

Mountain Mint - Live Plant Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mountain Mint an annual or perennial plant?

Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum) is a herbaceous perennial, which indicates that it will die back to the ground in winter but will regrow in spring on its own. However, it may not flourish in various colder regions and would require mulching to stay protected.

How much space should be needed to grow a Mountain mint?

Mountain Mint is a compact plant but due to its extensive spreading habit, it should be spaced 1-2 feet apart to prevent overcrowding and allow optimum airflow.


What zone does Mountain Mint grow in?

Mountain Mint typically thrives in USDA growing zones 4-9. In warmer regions, it tends to remain evergreen but in colder regions, it dies back to the ground and regrows in spring. 


When should I harvest Mountain Mint?

Although Mountain Mint leaves and flowers can be harvested throughout the growing season, it is preferred to specifically pick them during late summers, when the plant is in full bloom, to reap most of the benefits of the volatile and essential oils. 


Does Mountain Mint flower or fruit?

Mountain mint produces edible clusters of small white flowers, or sometimes pink, in mid to late summer but it does not produce fruits.


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