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Elderberry - Live Plant
Elderberry - Live Plant
Elderberry - Live Plant
Elderberry - Live Plant

Elderberry - Live Plant

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The elderberry plant (Sambucus nigra) plant sale is live. We are offering its cuttings, grown organically in Mayernik Kitchen gardens, that were devised in March and are now super ready to embark on their new journey in your homes. They are containerized in a 6” pot with a height that ranges from 12-16”. They must be planted into the ground or your garden beds prior to the first frost for better root system establishment.



About Elderberry

Elderberries(Sambucusnigra) are characterized by purple berries that belong to the family Adoxaceae. This magically dignified plant is also known to the globe as Elder and Pipe tree. It is a deciduous woody perennial shrub having pinnate leaves with five to nine leaflets arranged oppositely. 

Elderberries possess a plethora of medicinal benefits that bring about various pharmacological actions to combat the symptoms of different nuisances. For millennia, these berries have been used to treat colds, flu, constipation, cardiovascular diseases, toothache, sciatica, bacterial infections, burns, and so forth. From treating infections to healing burns, it wouldn’t harm to hail this purple berry a hero in the medicinal world.


How to Use Elderberry

  • Tincture: Dried berries are macerated in alcohol to make an immune-boosting tincture.
  • Tea: Steep some dried elderberries into a cup of hot water for 10-15 minutes and enjoy an immunizing tea.
  • Salve: Dried elderberry leaves are employed in the preparation of salve.
  • Vinegar infusion: De-stemmed elderberries are washed, crushed, and simmered in red wine vinegar for around 10 minutes to formulate a fantastic vinegar infusion. 

Elderberry - Live Plant Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elderberry an annual or perennial plant?

Elderberry plants are hardy perennials that are commonly started with cuttings obtained in the dormant season of their life cycle. Once established, they are bound to provide your garden with epic scenery and interest throughout the sunrises of spring, summer, and fall.

How much space should be needed to grow Elderberry?

A single elderberry cutting requires at least 6 ft of radius from the other plants to grow and flourish. If more than one elderberry plant is being planted in the ground, make sure to space them 6-8 ft apart in rows 10 ft apart. For proper root establishment, they must be 2 inches deep in the ground.

What zone does Elderberry grow in?

Elderberry plants prosper remarkably in North America, in USDA growing zones 3 to 8. They must be watered thoroughly as moist soil (pH 5.5 to 6.5) keeps them up and about. Make sure to pull out the weeds to avoid competitive nutrition consumption.


When should I harvest Elderberry?

Harvest your elderberries in early fall when they take up their signature plump appearance, giving dark purple shades. The elderflowers can be plucked when they are fully opened.

Does Elderberry flower or fruit?

Late spring brings white or cream-colored blooms that rise to purple berries that possess both the solidity of blue and the vitality of red.

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