Boneset Dried- Eupatorium perfoliatum
Boneset Dried- Eupatorium perfoliatum
Boneset Dried- Eupatorium perfoliatum
Boneset Dried- Eupatorium perfoliatum
Boneset Dried- Eupatorium perfoliatum
Boneset Dried- Eupatorium perfoliatum

Boneset Dried- Eupatorium perfoliatum

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Get your bones all set this season with our farm-grown Boneset plant, dried to perfection to retain those medicinally beneficial phytonutrients. Boneset Dried is good to go straight in your teas or you can experiment by making your own tinctures, infusions, balms, and decoctions.

Boneset Dried can be used to treat fever and moderate to severe inflammatory conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis. You may also employ it to increase your urinary output and get rid of fluid retention. It is also beneficial for reducing the severity of viral infections, such as dengue, pneumonia, influenza, and swine flu.



  • MK Homegrown Boneset


Steep 1 tablespoon with 8oz. of boiled water for 5 to 10 minutes, strain, and enjoy.

About Boneset

Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) is a highly effective medicinal plant. It was used to cure break-bone fever in the 18th century by making people sweat (flu associated with fever and severe pain in bones). 

Boneset's exceptional ability to set bones when bandaged around a splint gave rise to its amazing title. In cases of poisoning, it is known to cause emesis (vomiting), lower temperature, and relieve constipation. Numerous phytochemicals, such as polysaccharides, sesquiterpene lactones, triterpenes, tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, and volatile essential oils are abundant in boneset, giving it the ability to treat conditions like influenza, swine flu, acute bronchitis, inflammation, dengue, fluid retention, and sore muscles.


Boneset Dried- Eupatorium perfoliatum Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dried Boneset?

Boneset Dried is a hand-harvested medicinal remedy, dried meticulously so that you can infuse it in your teas, make tinctures, or add it to your favorite carrier oils to formulate infused oil. It helps with fever, inflammation, acute bronchitis, dengue, sore muscles, fluid retention, joint pain, and stiffness of bones.

Is Dried Boneset safe for children to use?

Children can safely use Boneset. It helps build healthy bones and strengthen their immune system, helping them to fight against common anomalies. It might cause severe diarrhea, therefore avoid using it in large doses.


Is Boneset good for fever?

Boneset is an exceptional anti-pyretic that works by inducing excessive sweating and eliminating the infection, thereby reducing the fever in process.


Is Boneset good for building immunity?

Boneset is an amazing immunostimulant. It works by enhancing the range and count of white blood cells to fight the infection and reduces the release of pro-inflammatory mediators to decrease inflammation.


Is Boneset safe to use during pregnancy?

Boneset is unsafe to use during pregnancy because it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids which can harm the liver of the mother and harmful, toxic substances can reach the fetus, making its survival difficult.


Should I take Boneset Dried daily?

Taking Boneset daily can disturb the stomach due to its purgative effect. It should be used only when needed. 

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