Bee Balm Tincture

As a spicy carminative herb, bee balm can promote stagnant digestion and relieve discomforts such as bloating, cramping and excessive gas. Bee Balm can also make a great "mouth wash"


Lemongrass Tincture

Lemongrass Tincture is of immense importance when it comes to treating gastrointestinal tract issues, including constipation, bloating, flatulence, nausea, stomach and intestinal cramps, and gastric ulcers.


Rosemary Tincture

Rosemary Tincture is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that boost blood circulation and improves the immune system. This cognitive stimulant enhances memory, alertness, and intelligence.


Sage Tincture

With regular usage, Sage Tincture ameliorates oral health, depression, memory loss, hypercholesterolemia, and menopausal symptoms.


Spilanthes Tincture

Use our Spilanthes Tincture to promote dental health, support the immune system, improves blood circulation, assists in digestion, and helps tremendously with reducing the severity of herpes, candida, cold sores, colds, and flu.


Sunshine Salve

This anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial salve will bring sunshine to where ever you may! The rich colors from our homegrown calendula will have you feeling like summer, all year round.


Inhibits the excess growth and production of fungal infections.